Rape Of Female Puppy By Taxi Driver :-

People, who live in Delhi, are familiar with stray dogs roaming in the locality. So many people feel mercy on them and show a friendly attitude. For being kind to them, they use to feed them time to time. It is a very serious condition when crimes are committed against these stray dogs.

On 25 August 2017, the commitment of one such crime had taken place. A female puppy is raped by Naresh Kumar who is a taxi driver of Naraina situated in New Delhi. The age of this taxi driver is 34 years. At that time he had taken alcohol. When puppy has got raped, it has got bled.

Action Against Him:-

It is reported by India Today that Abhishek Kumar who is living in that area is so kind towards animal and found that there was a missing of a puppy and had started making a search. Finally, he approaches Naresh and after interrogation, he (Naresh) had admitted his crime and had shown jute bag in which he had captured it.

After finding the puppy it was taken to Sanjay Gandhi Animal care Centre. The people in this center had analyzed the body of puppy and declared it dead. According to post mortem report due to excessive bleeding and shock, the puppy had knocked the door of death. No FIR has been reported against the criminal. According to activists, nobody is taking action against him and he is free from all the charges. According to his wife, he was a corrupt person and attacked her physically along with making her arm broken.

It is concluded that nothing can be done against the crimes committed to stray dogs. The criminals are roaming freely. Animals come across with the crimes day by day in a regular fashion.